The New Cycnix Catalogue has landed20-01-2014

Download the latest Cycnix Catalogue Online / Collect it from our office.

Download >> Cycnix Catalogue

Cycnix – Anti-Drop Diffuser " A higher level of Anti-condensation material "15-09-2013

How do you feel, if condensation definitely happened on Round / Curve diffuser or even Jet Nozzle, and you have received an order to solve the problem? However, you know that Fiberwood Material is not going to help you in this status.


Now, we do you a favor (or maybe save you), and all you need to do is just spend few minutes on download & read through the leaflet. Then you will find this new material could help.

Download >> Cycnix Anti-Drop Diffuser

Cycnix – Fiberwood Diffuser “ New Genernation of Wooden Diffuser ”13-06-2013

" Why Choose Fiberwood? " A simple question.

But let think about how to produce a non-conductive metal (Steel or Aluminum) with low price?

No idea? Yes, thats why!!!


Wood is a very good non-conductive natural material, and it is part of the ingredient of Fiberwood. Therefore, it could help to blocks the cold air transfer to surface, reduce the condensation occur.

Download >> Cycnix Fiberwood Diffuser

Cycnix – Anti-Drop Diffuser “ Double Defense “ Available Now20-11-2011

Double Defense to Stop the form of Condensation water & Dripping

Line of Defense #1 : Heat Insulation

Line of Defense #2 : Hydrophile

Download >> Anti-Drop Diffuser

Cycnix – Square Ceiling Diffuser “Strong & Stable“ available now26-10-2011

Have you ever received any square ceiling diffuser which is already broken?

How does manufacturer produce a low price product with best quality?

Mechanization, may be is the only way to chase.

Consequently, we applied impact molding technology into square ceiling diffuser production line, to ensure that each layer is strong enough, with stable quality.

Download >> Square Ceiling Diffuser

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