Round Diffuser
Round Ceiling Diffuser - Dish Shape

Dish Shape Round Diffuser has a unique and elegant design. The flat oblique blade allows air flow deliver farther away, and the distance between each blade can be changed by adjusting the height of special made aluminum inner skeleton. 

Metal spinning method was requested to fabricate the frame and blade of round diffuser, and it’s also really relied on the disc-shaped molds and sophisticated technique. The removable inner core does the same function with Square / Rectanglar ceiling diffuser, in order to solve the problem during installation & cleaning.

Round Ceiling Diffuser - Bowl Shape

Bowl Shape Round Diffuser has greater radian, causes the capacity of air flow is more concentrate than Dish Shape Round Diffuser. The special skeleton from Dish Shape Diffuser was replaced by X-shaped spring skeleton with round blade soldered directly on the skeleton, it made the whole diffuser remove or install easily but also more stable.


ABS Round Rotary Diffuser

ABS Round Rotary Diffuser was fabricated by ABS ( kind of high hardness plastic ). Rotatable core was pushed by the wind once it go through the diffuser, to create a rotating but stable air flow.

Available in Square Sharp