Square / Rectanglar Ceiling Diffuser
Square / Rectanglar Ceiling Diffuser

Square / Rectangular Ceiling Diffuser is the most popular air outlet in the air-conditioning field, it has a constant air flow characteristics and simplicity appearance. In order to meet customer needs, rectangular shape also available for increasing the rate of air flow. 

On the other hand, customers are able to customize the style of diffuser (from one way to four ways) to accommodate with different ceiling. An O.B.D can be assemble to the back of diffuser in order to control the volume of air flow. Moreover, the user friendly design - removable core, was designed for easier installation or job cleaning.

Turriform Double Diffuser

Turriform Double Diffuser able to deliver the air into four different ways, but also allow user to adjust the direction of air flow. This is a fusion of Square / Rectanglar Ceiling Diffuser (Frame) & Double Deflection Diffuser (Core). 

Users are able to select the diffuser either Focus on Four Ways or Direction Adjustment. Moreover, the core of Square / Rectanglar Ceiling Diffuser and Turriform Double Diffuser are able to swap and install without any problem.

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