Linear Diffuser
0 Degree Linear Diffuser

0 Degree Linear Diffuser is the top air outlet that accepted by most of the users, designers, or even architects. The sectional / joint design for Linear Diffuser allows the diffuser extends to infinite long without any breaking or space. This type of diffuser can be fabricate into arc or angular form for various structure on the wall and ceiling.

30 Degree Linear Diffuser

30 Degree Linear Diffuser has two types : 30 degree one way and 30 degree two ways. Both of them were used to deliver a 30 degree angle air flow either vertical or horizontal. It has a better cover range than the 0 degree blade, therefore, it can be use for both indoor or outdoor return louver.

Linear Diffuser with Removable Core

Linear Diffuser with Removable Core is a user-friendly and functional product, it designed to help users for easier cleaning and install. On the other hand, user allowed to add filter to the back of the diffuser for return air uses. 

Angular Linear Diffuser

Angular Linear Diffuser is fabricated by technicians with accurate measurement and sophisticated welding skill, which is good enough to let the diffuser go along with corners and pillars.

Curver Linear Diffuser

Linear diffuser can be bend to most of the arc shape after processing, its can be apply to the wall or ceiling with curve.

There is a limitation for bending Fiberwood diffuser, for more details please contact us.  

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