Return Air Louver
Return Air Louver

Return Air Louver is made by large 45 Degree Blade, it has good ventilation performance and it can block the foreign objects from outside to get into the air pipe. Return Air Louver usually install on the inlet of the Fan Coil System, or outlet & inlet of the external wall of the building. Customers are able to choose either equipped with the dust filters or chicken wire, in order to achieve better barrier efficacy.

Waterproof Louver

Waterproof Louver has an unique design - ā€œSā€ shape blade which can effectively block the water splash into indoor. Due to this specific function, its generally only applicable to the external wall of building or the place that easy to get water splash in.

Hinged Return Air Louver with Filter

Hinged Return Air Louver with Filter was mainly used on Fan Coil System for both cold and hot air ventilation system. The idea of Hinged Return Air Louver was acquired and developed from Return Air Louver, the openable core brings user convenience of installation and maintenance. Hinge was installed on each corner of the core, it used to link and lock with the outer frame. The removable air filter placed at the back of Louver, to filtrate and obstruct the dust in the air, in order to keep the system internal clean and durable.

Hinged Return Air Linear with Filter

Hinged Return Air Linear with Filter give up the use of traditional large blade, but using the 0 Degree & 30 Degree small blade from linear diffuser, to obtain better apperance and line shape, it is suitable for ceiling with long return air system.

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